“Looking to build your own tiny home but don’t have experience? We’ve got you covered”

The tiny house movement is largely a DIY culture. Building one’s own home not only reduces costs, it also allows people to have the experience of self-reliance and empowerment that come with the process.

This can be a truly transformative and gratifying experience. But let’s face it: the learning curve is steep and mistakes can be expensive and disheartening for novice builders. Our services are here to help you reach your building goals faster and easier.

KMH will provide training workshops for people who are interested in learning; the principles of micro home design, philosophy of small living, hands-on building skills, construction best practises, renewable energy technologies, building codes and sustainability. Some workshops will be dedicated to women who want to gain independence and empowerment by learning how to build their own homes, in a safe and supportive teaching environment.

Construction has begun on a workshop/learning center on our farm near the scenic Cowichan River. When completed, we will offer a selection of workshops designed to help people avoid the inevitable pitfalls involved in building your first home as well as to share the best practises of sustainable construction.

1: Introduction to Micro Living: A 2 day generalized course for people considering living smaller.

2: All Hands on Deck: A 5 day intensive building course for helping “green” builders build green! From theory to practise, we’ll cover it.

3: Customized Workshops: In response to popular demand, we can help your community of friends and family build a small dwelling. Round up a group of interested friends, contact us and we’ll develop a structured work party!