Karuna: compassionate action; doing or making something that alleviates suffering…”

It is a tall order to build high quality homes that are also affordable. At KMH, we believe we can deliver these by offering pre designed units, thus eliminating most of the significant costs associated with full customization.

Custom options are available for all units in terms of the following components:

  • Exterior siding
  • Roofing colour
  • Skylights
  • Interior wall finishes
  • Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Off-grid options


For people with a tight budget and/or a vision of DIY finishing touches, we will offer shell packages: We build the structure using our advanced building methods and materials, thereby guaranteeing you a lasting healthy home, and you make the interior your own.

On Trailers

For the mobile tiny home enthusiasts, we will be offering a limited line of trailer tiny homes. We use custom built trailers from Iron Eagle Trailers in Fairview, Oregon because they have spent years developing and manufacturing the smartest “foundations” around.
The first KMH prototype is “Compass Rose”, inspired by a love of boats and, like any good boat, designed to work with the environment rather than in spite of it. It’s aesthetics and functions are informed by old design wisdom and cutting edge construction methods. It will borrow the best of boat design and aesthetics and incorporate advanced ecological materials, technologies and craftwork to create a healthy, efficient and pleasing home. Stay tuned!

On Skids

Depending on your housing needs and your land base, micro homes on skids are an excellent alternative to tiny houses on wheels. Why invest in a trailer if you don’t plan on moving around? Why limit your design to 8.5 feet width when you’re not destined for the road? Many municipalities allow accessory dwelling units that are not on fixed foundations; houses on skids can be moved if required.
We will be developing a line of pre-fabricated micro homes, about 350 square feet of living space, that can be delivered to your site. Stay tuned!

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