Oline Luinenburg – Owner / Founder

Oline Luinenburg - Owner / Founder

Oline Luinenburg - Owner / Founder
Oline Luinenburg - Owner / Founder

Oline was raised in rural Manitoba and started building with her homesteading family at the age of 13. She holds degrees in natural resource economics and communications. For many years, Oline worked as a research consultant, studying issues ranging from natural resource policies, employment equity, health care, sustainability, marine survival of juvenile salmon and oceanography.

Since 1992, she has devoted much of her time to building, including traditional large homes, small cottages, tree houses, timberframe, cob, ICF and stackwall. She is passionate about both research and hands-on practise. After over 20 years of dividing her time between building homes and seasonal marine/oceanographic research, Oline decided to go all in for building small sustainable houses.

“I always say if I had another life, I would study architecture. I love design and am drawn to how we use space and what we can learn from other ways of making home. Trying to steer a course between tried and true old knowledges and clever new and green building innovations is endlessly interesting to me.

The KMH team is shaping up and you will meet them on this page over the next few months. I’ve collaborated with a number of builders, architects, electricians and innovators to bring the company’s goals into focus and will sing their praises in a future post.”

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