ABOUT Karuna Micro Homes

KMH is a home-based business in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island that builds high quality micro homes that embody the principles of sustainability.

Our mission is to build comfortable, high efficiency and affordable small homes.

Integrating advanced building technologies and green building materials, KMH offers dwellings that are healthy, resilient and sustainable.

“A few words about healthy tiny homes…”

The Team

Oline Luinenburg - Owner / Founder

Oline Luinenburg - Owner / Founder
Oline Luinenburg - Owner / Founder

Oline was raised in rural Manitoba and started building with her homesteading family at the age of 13. She holds degrees in natural resource economics and communications.


DAVID RIEDERER - Technician / Contractor

DAVID RIEDERER - Technician / Contractor
DAVID RIEDERER - Technician / Contractor

David was born and raised in Victoria, BC, and spent almost every day not at school at his grandparent's horse farm in Metchosin building structures, learning electrical and plumbing basics, and the essentials of mechanical maintenance.

This is green tiny building!

KMH uses building methods and components to maximize long term resilience, energy efficiency and the health and comfort of occupants while minimizing the ecological impact of construction methods and materials.
This tiny house demonstrates some principles of passive home, in micro.

- Right hand side of trailer, with most of the windows, will be parked facing south, allowing passive use of solar.- I’ve eliminated ALL thermal bridging by integrating a complete insulating (and, bonus, carbon negative!) envelope around the floor, wall and roof assemblies. This also provides very effective sound insulation!
- Use of state-of-the-art “intelligent membranes” to create an airtight and vapour open structure which ensures healthy interior air quality and energy efficiency.
- Every layer in this building is designed to manage moisture, and this is especially suited to tiny homes, (notoriously prone to moisture and mold problems) and to homes in the humid climate of the Pacific Northwest.
- These wall assemblies, in combination with toxin free insulation and super efficient micro heat recovery ventilators, work to create a house with superior interior air quality, free of mold and the invisible indoor contaminants associated with traditional building methods and materials.


Oline Luinenburg

Box 1719
Lake Cowichan, British Columbia,

BC V0R 2G0

Call (250) 749-4991

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